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What is uSmartX ?

uSmartX is a non-preemptive, multitasking, priority based RTOS. It features necessary mechanisms for inter-task communication and basic task and time control functions. uSmartX is targeted for small foot-print embedded designs. Being a non-preemptive kernel it consumes little memory and it is very simple to use. It is already being used in many designs, proving that a huge, full-preeemptive kernel is not always the best solution.

Main features

uSmartX provides mechanisms for inter-task communication, synchronization and time control over system resources.
    • task control
    • time control
    • mailboxes
    • sempahores
    • cyclic buffer management with trigger functions
    • memory management
    • atomic variables
    • platform indipendant

Available ports

uSmartX is designed to be platform independant as much as possible, thus requiring minimal porting efforts. Only functions dealing with the global interrupt mask have to be ported.

Actual avaible ports:
  •  Atmel's AVR
  •  Renesas Technology - H8-300H family (contributed by Luca Bassanello)