Memory management

Detailed Description

The uSMARTX kernel implements a fixed size memory allocator with different heaps or memory pools. The allocating policy is first fit. Memory is always allocated from a pre-defined memory heap. Each memory heap has its own defined minimum allocatable size. In practice this is the size of a memory block. The allocated memory must alwasy be returned to the heap from which was allocated.


#define MEM_HEAP_CREATE(name, n, alloc_size)
 Create a memory heap.


enum  mb_size_t {
  MEM_MB_4_BYTE = (1 << 2), MEM_MB_8_BYTE = (1 << 3), MEM_MB_16_BYTE = (1 << 4), MEM_MB_32_BYTE = (1 << 5),
  MEM_MB_64_BYTE = (1 << 6), MEM_MB_128_BYTE = (1 << 7), MEM_MB_256_BYTE = (1 << 8), MEM_MB_512_BYTE = (1 << 9),
  MEM_MB_1024_BYTE = (1 << 10), MEM_MB_2048_BYTE = (1 << 11), MEM_MB_4096_BYTE = (1 << 12), MEM_MB_8192_BYTE = (1 << 13)


void * MEM_Alloc (HANDLE *ph, uint16 size)
 Allocate memory.
void MEM_Free (HANDLE *ph, void *pmem)
 Free memory.
STATUS MEM_IsHeapOwner (HANDLE *ph, void *pmem)
 Test parent of memory block.

Define Documentation

#define MEM_HEAP_CREATE name,
alloc_size   ) 

Create a memory heap.

This macro creates and initilises a memory heap. The parameter alloc size should be of type mb_size_t.

name name of the memory heap
n number of memory blocks
alloc_size size of each memory block

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum mb_size_t

These defines define the valid memory block sizes.

MEM_MB_4_BYTE  Memory block contains 4 bytes
MEM_MB_8_BYTE  Memory block contains 8 bytes
MEM_MB_16_BYTE  Memory block contains 16 bytes
MEM_MB_32_BYTE  Memory block contains 32 bytes
MEM_MB_64_BYTE  Memory block contains 64 bytes
MEM_MB_128_BYTE  Memory block contains 128 bytes
MEM_MB_256_BYTE  Memory block contains 256 bytes
MEM_MB_512_BYTE  Memory block contains 512 bytes
MEM_MB_1024_BYTE  Memory block contains 1024 bytes
MEM_MB_2048_BYTE  Memory block contains 2048 bytes
MEM_MB_4096_BYTE  Memory block contains 4096 bytes
MEM_MB_8192_BYTE  Memory block contains 8192 bytes

Function Documentation

void* MEM_Alloc HANDLE *  ph,
uint16  size

Allocate memory.

Allocate the required memory from the specified memory heap. The allocation is rounded to the memory block size.

ph handle to memory heap
size amount of memory to allocate
Return values:
pointer to allocated memory or null in there is no avaible memory
Check what if the required number of memory blocks is 255

void MEM_Free HANDLE *  ph,
void *  pmem

Free memory.

Free the previously allocated memory by returning it to the specified memory pool.

ph handle to memory heap
pmem pointer to the previously allocated memory
The memory must be returned to the pool from where was allocated

STATUS MEM_IsHeapOwner HANDLE *  ph,
void *  pmem

Test parent of memory block.

Test if the pointed memory belongs to a given memory heap.

ph handle to memory heap
pmem pointer to memory to test
Return values:
SYS_OK if the pointed memory belongs to the memory heap
SYS_EROR specified heap is not parent of the pointed memory

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